A mockup of a wedding announcement in white, gold, blue, and pink. The announcement is laid out on a light blue envelope and a white lace.

Wedding announcement design

Custom design for a cross-cultural wedding

For her small wedding ceremony outdoors on a beautiful fall day, Ashley Deng-Yu requested something minimal and modern, but still in touch with her Taiwanese cultural heritage. With that in mind, I used the Mandarin character “double happiness” — a cultural design element that conveys the happiness and unity of a marriage — on a red background, the traditional color for a joyous occasion.

I kept the colors, shapes, and fonts simple and clean, using flat floral elements and an autumnal palette to echo the wedding ceremony’s setting.

Two hand-drawn layout sketches.
Initial layout sketches
Text set in the three fonts used. They read 'Gambero, sweet', 'Minimo, playful', and 'Gaultier, elegant'.
Five circles filled with the design colors: pink, salmon, dark gold, light gold, and deep blue.

From Ashley Deng-Yu

A black-and-white photo of the clients on their wedding day.

It was such a joy having AS Jem as the Graphic Designer for our wedding! She was extremely patient and insightful during the months of communicating our vision for the announcement as well as the table arrangement. We wanted something unique and tasteful, without being overly extravagant to suit our micro ceremony and that was exactly what we got! In addition, we felt so seen when we asked for the other side of the announcement to be in Mandarin. AS’s understanding and respect for both cultures allowed our whole family to feel included and for our experience to exceed our greatest expectations. We cannot thank her enough for her dedication and kind heart for making our big day complete!