A mockup image of a light brown paper wrapping bag, such as for a cookie or pastry. On it is printed a logo reading 'Gina's Teahouse' in black with a vintage illustration of a tea leaf sprig. It is surrounded by green and pink floral illustrations.

Gina’s Teahouse

Logo & collateral design

This conceptual branding project for a Taiwanese teahouse aims to appeal to an older audience seeking a calming space to enjoy tea and company.

I used vintage illustrations of tea leaves and a kettle, and included hand-drawn floral elements in muted pinks and greens to add interest and a touch of whimsy.

Hand-drawn sketches of four logo concepts.
Logo sketches
Three digital concepts for the logo.
Logo concepts
Two lines of text demonstrating the two fonts used: Jinxuan and Alkes.

I set the Mandarin text in the elegant Jinxuan and the English not in the corresponding English font, but a serif named Alkes. The two fonts have similar thick-to-thin contrasts in their strokes, making them pair together seamlessly.

Mockups of the front and back of a business card. On the front is the logo surrounded by floral illustrations. On the back is the name, contact information, and an illustration of a teapot and florals. A mockup of a person holding a gift box. The top is printed with the logo and colorful florals.