A mockup image of two people putting up a poster, which reads ‘Foster Love’ in cheerful orange and blue. The main image is a dog trying to lick a laughing person’s face.

Foster Love

Eye-catching posts and flyers to drive signups

Paws of L.A. Rescue was launching a social media and print campaign to boost volunteer sign-ups, especially for the crucial role of dog fosters. The rescue already had some design concepts, but they wanted a graphic designer to improve upon them while staying within brand guidelines around logo usage, colors, and fonts.

Role: art direction, graphic design

Deliverables: social media posts (various dimensions), flyers

Two social media posts reading 'Looking to Foster?' with Paws of LA's logo and images of rescue dogs.
The rescue’s original designs

I liked that the original designs featured the dogs prominently, but I wanted them to stand out even more! I wanted something eye-catching and scroll-stopping, something that makes a viewer stop in their tracks and say “awww”. With that in mind, I placed photos of dogs right up close — so close you could almost pet them — and used light, contrasting colors (orange, blue, and cream) from the brand palette that conveyed happiness and vibrance, and which complemented the colors in the photos.

A landscape social media post reading 'Foster Love' in cheerful orange and blue. The main image is a smiling person hugging a dog. A mockup of a person looking at an Instagram post on their phone. The post reads 'Foster Love' on an orange background and features a chocolate lab with its tongue sticking out.

I used the brand font Lato for the copy, and two handdrawn fonts for the slogan “Foster Love” to add warmth and playfulness. I also set them both on two different paths for an organic hand-lettered feeling.

Three overlapping circles filled with the palette colors: orangesicle, custard, and sky blue. The names of the three fonts used, set in the fonts themselves: RushK, Mansalva, and Lato.